Custom Design

L&M Fine Jewelry’s custom designers can work with you to create a piece of jewelry that is incomparably yours. It doesn't matter if you are starting from the ground up or working with stones that have been passed down through the family, L&M Fine Jewelry can make your dream a reality. We'll help you put your ideas together, and our designers can create your piece to your exact standards. L&M Fine Jewelry can also work with your vintage pieces or unworn jewelry, turning them into something that you will cherish for years to come. If you can imagine it, we can make it. Call to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our designers or to speak with one of our Sales Professionals.

person designing jewelry

jeweler repairing a piece of jewelry

Jewelry Repair

At L&M Fine Jewelers, all our repairs are done on-site. We have a full-time Goldsmith that has well over 30 years of experience. Custom design and repair is something we do every single day. Our knowledge, experience, and commitment to detail, from simple ring sizing to complex repair, is unmatched by anyone in the region. Allow us to repair your jewelry back to its original beauty with Missoula's only laser welder. Our laser welder allows us to easily repair many items that can't be fixed by many less equipped shops. We offer free estimates and express service. Our goldsmith's use the latest tools and techniques for state-of-the-art repair and custom jewelry.

Diamond Guarantee

L&M Fine Jewelry’s lifetime diamond warranty applies to diamond jewelry whose retail value is $100 or more. Bring your jewelry every 6 months to be inspected and cleaned.  Our professionals will carefully inspect your jewelry for condition and suggest only necessary maintenance.  If, through normal wear, you have an issue with your jewelry, it will be fully warranted provided it has been inspected and maintained as suggested.

We will accept any diamond purchased from L&M Fine for original purchase price on the purchase of a new diamond at any time – provided the diamond is in the same condition as purchased.

square green gemstone in a diamond setting

several beautiful rings

L&M Fine Jewelry will honor all Adair Jewelers warranties.

You may have any diamond jewelry purchased from L&M Fine Jewelry (or Adair Jewelers) cleaned and inspected for as long as you own it. In order to maintain your Lifetime Guarantee Warranty, you must bring your diamond to L&M Fine Jewelry every six months for cleaning and inspection, along with your inspection record. When you bring in your diamond jewelry, we will inspect it, note any issues that may be evident, clean it, and update your inspection record. If any issues are noted, we will make suggestions for necessary maintenance. Any suggested repairs or maintenance not completed will void this warranty. This guarantee is only for lost diamonds, not chipped stones due to abuse. Center diamonds should be insured and will not be covered by this warranty. Please discuss insurance options with your Sales Professional. There will be a nominal charge for re-tipping prongs, ring sizing and other required maintenance. Transfer of ownership of the diamond piece will also void the warranty.

This Lifetime Guarantee is for diamond jewelry. All other gemstones and jewelry items are covered under our Customer Satisfaction policy which states if any problem arises with the merchandise in 30 days the item will be repaired or exchanged at no charge.